Yuva Prerna Yatra 2015 – Empowerment through Enterprise

Count Down Begin…….

A Life changing journey is ready to open the door YPY 2015(5th April 2015). 7 days journey with 100 highly passionate and motivate Youth, not just only Youth but the Change Maker and Nation future, who have spark, who have individual capability to do changes, are ready to jump.

YPY is a mission to empower society through enterprise. We strongly believe that sustainable development is an only way to develop prosperous society and strong nation. Our objective is to awaken and develop an entrepreneurial spirit within youth. We want to develop strong pool of Entrepreneurs, who could become a change maker; they could lead from the front and work on local and global complexity and provide a powerful mechanism with their own idea to develop an easy solution/system by involvement of local resource and local people.

This Yatra aims to inspire youth to understand the value of creating sustainable enterprises in localized global context and to spur them to create similar models in their own arenas. Sustainable development require that we see the world as a system—a system that connects space; and a system that connects local resource; a system that connects local people and finally a system that connect time.

100 champions from different-2 demography know the value of social, financial and geographical inclusion.  Ready to share their own study and research about social, financial and geographical challenges. They know the core value of sustainable and inclusive development, but want to explore more, want to understand more, they have spark, passion and strong determination, they have strong believe on themselves, someone have idea, already started to work, someone have idea but want to make it more strong before to start it, someone have but still in dilemma but want to be part this journey, amazing  but ultimate goal of everyone is to create sustainable enterprises to develop sustainable society.

During the 7 days journey, participants meet exceptional “Champions of Change”, the unsung heroes, who not only dared to dream but also translated their dreams into sustainable enterprises by leveraging the local resources and bringing prosperity in the region. They will get chance to understand the social, financial and geographical inclusion deeply, will get to know, how all three play an important role equally.


#Empowerment through Enterprise

All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage

Abhishek Singh


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